QUESTION: Do you have any readout of the Secretary's meetings yesterday with the Japanese ambassador? I had heard she called him in to talk about Futenma.
MR. CROWLEY: The -- I think the Japanese ambassador came by to see both Assistant Secretary Kurt Campbell, stopped by to see Secretary Clinton. During the course of the meeting, the ambassador gave us an indication that they needed more time to work through issues related to the basing agreement. We continue to believe that the current plan provides the best way forward, but we'll continue our discussions with Japan on this issue.
QUESTION: You said that -- gstopped by.h You wouldn't describe him as being called in on a --
MR. CROWLEY: All right, let me --
QUESTION: -- day when the government was being closed and --
MR. CROWLEY: He was -- I think -- my -- I mean, he -- I don't think he was called in. I think actually he came to see us.
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